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Today we are going to provide you DOPBNK Full Form and information related to DOPBNK through this article,Perhaps there would be many of you who would already know about DOP Bank, but most of the people would not know anything about it, so friends, if you also want to get information about DOPBNK. , then for that you will have to stay connected with this article of ours.

DOPBNK Full Form

If we talk about its full form, then let me tell you that DOPBNK Full Form is “Department of Post Bank”, apart from this, DOPBNK is spelled Post in Hindi. Also called bank department, So friends, if any message has come on your mobile, which is exactly like a bank transaction, and along with it that message must have come in the name of DOPBNK, in such a situation it becomes very important for you to know, what is DOPBNK SMS and we need to know this.

As you all know that in today’s time, due to advanced technology, fraud cases are increasing day by day, many fraudsters are misusing online systems and SMS to reach their destination. Although a simple system regularly appears on the user’s mobile phone, email and social platforms, with it you may have noticed that the messages are about money transactions or activities on the bank account. When someone receives a message, he gets confused as to why we received this message and what is this message about, and various kinds of questions start coming in his mind.


So friends, Dopbnk Bank which is also known as Indian Postal Department, this Dopbnk comes under the Ministry of Communication i.e. Ministry of Communication of the Government of India, it means that whatever message you get in the name of Dopbnk, it is from the Government of India. It is sent by the Ministry of Communications.

Through which we come to know that this is not a fraud message, because the Ministry of Communications is a legal and certified organization of the Government of India.

DOPBNK Full Form

Apart from this, friends, DOP Bank is a press through which you receive this message. The messages you receive on your mobile are often ID-DOPBNK.

  1. Vk-dopbnk

Along with this, if you receive any such message, then for information, let us tell you that the first letter of this message is of your mobile network, and the second letter is of the name of your city, and after this DOP Bank is written through dashes.

DOPBNK Link to Mobile Number?

Along with this, the Friends Bank registration process requires the user to provide a valid mobile number and other contact details. As the information is added to the system to help in reaching out to the customer quickly, Post Bank India also collects the contact details of the customers. and keeps them safe on the Bank’s systems,

With this the bank sends SMS to the registered members on any type of transaction taking place from the account, residents having post office account and IPPB account are likely to receive the message.

What is the Full Form Of DOPBNK

The full form of DOPBNK is Department of Post Bank.

DOPBNK full form in english

With this, friends, as we all know that there are many full forms of DOPBNK, but this full form of Department Of Post Bank is the most popular, and people like it a lot, in this post we will tell you the full forms of DOPBNK. Will also tell other full forms.

  1. D-Department
  2. O – ka
  3. P-post
  4. Bnk – bank

Benefits of DOPBNK?

Along with this, friends, as you all know that Indian Post Office is eligible for various banking services, apart from this, registered members can enjoy versatile benefits like, Department of Posts uses the slogan Your Bank, Your Doorstep, it Operates pan India facility to provide various services.

  1. National Savings Recurring Deposit Account.
  2. post office savings account
  3. National Savings Time Deposit Account
  4. public provident fund account
  5. Senior Citizens Savings Scheme Account.

Direct benefits Of DOPBNK

  1. Government Scholarship Program
  2. Social welfare benefits and government incentives.

Other Products

  1. Insurance
  2. Post Office Savings Schemes
  3. Investments and loans.

Why does DOPBNK message come?

So friends, if you also want to know why DOPBNK message comes, then friends, let us tell you that this type of message has been received because you might have opened your account in the Postal Bank department, or you may have registered with the Postal Bank. Must be availing the benefit of some service of the department.

Apart from this, Postal Bank Department provides various services to its customers like money transfer, bill payment, amount transaction etc. When a customer does banking transaction in Postal Bank Department, a message will come in the name of DOP Bank on his registered mobile number. Yes, friends, SMS facility has been started in Postal Bank a few years ago.


So friends, today we have provided you information about DOPBNK Full Form through this article, so friends, we hope that you have liked the information provided by us.


1.What is DOPBNK Full Form? 

So friends, as you all know that the full form of DOPBNK is Department of Post Bank, which is also called Post Bank Department.

2.What is DOPBNK SMS Fraud?

So friends, as you all know that DOPBNK is an organization working under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India.

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