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As you all know, What is Consignment Number is a service for the general public to deliver parcels to domestic and international locations, apart from this, Speed Post is a third party service for delivering parcels, postcards, gifts and letters from one person to another. India Post started the delivery system in 1986 for fast and secure delivery.

Speed Post service takes at least 2-3 days to deliver an item, however it just depends on how far away the location is, Now Consignment Number is an online tracking system for the shipment, a Once the order is confirmed, you can easily track the order information as the consignment number helps to check the status of your goods.

What is Consignment Number in Speed Post?
What is Consignment Number in Speed Post?

Apart from this, let us tell you that the consignment batch has a number of 13 digits, and it is allotted with every parcel, you will get the consignment number right after the shipment and if you want, you can check the status using the consignment number. Can do, don’t worry, it’s easy to get the results in just a few seconds, and you can do it online.

With this, if you want to track Speed Post online then for that you have to go to its official site and enter the consignment number in the first box, after that evaluate the expression and click on the search button, and after that all The information will appear on your next page,

Also if you do not want to check online, you can track the order by sending an SMS to 166 or 51969, when you go as a customer and hand over the parcel to the post office, they will receive it and give you a receipt , you can see a 13 digit number with a combination of letters and numbers on the top of the receipt. It is this consignment number that you need to be careful about, as this number is the only way you can track the location of the parcel.

Advantages of Consignment Number in Speed Post?

So friends, let us tell you that Speed Post is a reliable and fast courier service started by India Post, also known as Indian Post, this special service was started in August 1986, and it is also known for fast delivery and timely delivery. Also known as the best service in terms of delivery guaranteed services, you can deliver letters, parcels, gifts, documents, articles and similar items not only to the most remote parts of India, but also Can also ship to destinations around the world.

Also within India, Speed Post items are delivered within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the distance of the delivery point, even within this time, one can track the movement online with the tag number given in the Speed Inbox. With this, delivery can be done by SMS message based on the information sent by the sender while setting up the Speed Post element, Another important feature of India Post offered by Speed Post is its price, which is very reasonable and affordable for all, apart from this the postal department also guarantees refund of payment in case of late delivery.

Find the consignment number in India Speed post Slip

So friends if you are unaware of this then you can find the consignment number in the slip very easily, it is not a difficult task to find this number in the slip, bring the slip and take a look at the printed information, with this you will get 13 in the second line. You will get a code of digits, this code is a combination of letters and numbers,If you want to make a complaint about the parcel, then you will need the consignment number, because without the consignment number you cannot make any complaint about your parcel.

Therefore, until you receive your parcel safely and receive a confirmation message regarding the delivery of your parcel, you must automatically save the slip/receipt until the parcel reaches the correct address. Until then, you can use alpha-numeric numbers every day.

How to Track Consignment online

If you want to track the consignment online, the process to track it is very easy,


So friends, today we have provided you information about consignment number through this article, so friends, if you also want to get information related to it, then for that you will have to read our article completely from beginning to end. We hope that you will like our article very much.

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